Pelagic is incredibly grateful to the contribution the late John Costello has played, not only in supporting Pelagic during our wild coast inception period but also in contributing many of the striking images for the website and for the inspiration to pursue our journey along the Wild Coast.  His dedication to the Wild Coast lives on.

The above image, titled Circumcision; is no exception and testament to John’s standing within the community.

Media Pod

Your Gateway to Conservation Knowledge

Welcome to Pelagic Wake’s very own Media Pod, your portal to staying informed and inspired in the world of coastal conservation along the Wild Coast.  Through our collaborative partnerships, we have embarked on an ambitious mission to provide a diverse array of resources that bridge the gap between environmental preservation and community upliftment.



The shore

Explore the power of community conservation management and the restoration of our environment through our various media outlets.

Field Journals

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the natural world with “Nature’s Notebook.”  This section is a window into the incredible biodiversity, conservation efforts, and the fragile balance of life in coastal ecosystems.  Explore the unique stories and experiences that connect us to the natural world.

Podcasts & Inspirational Videos

Rising Conversations

Join us for “Rising Conversations,” our engaging podcast series where we discuss pressing environmental topics, innovative conservation strategies, and insightful interviews with experts and enthusiasts.  It’s a platform to ignite dialogues that raise awareness and inspire change, connecting people from diverse backgrounds to share their love for coastal conservation.

Low-Tide Discussions

“Low-Tide Discussions” is your gateway to staying informed with up-to-date news and insights about coastal conservation.  Dive into our weekly digest, providing real-time information on the latest developments and challenges in the world of conservation.  It’s your source for staying in the loop with the most current and pertinent news.

Tune in, be inspired, and become a part of the movement to safeguard our heritage and our resources.

The Coast Dispatch

Explore the rich tapestry of coastal life through our blog series.  This is where we delve deep into thematic journeys, offering a collection of thought-provoking stories that span topics such as coral restoration, reforestation, and conservation management.  Dive into each series and uncover diverse perspectives on the environment, culture, and community. Whether you’re a seasoned conservationist, a nature enthusiast, or someone eager to learn, our blog posts provide an engaging and informative journey.
Join us as we uncover the unique facets of coastal conservation along the Wild Coast and beyond, one blog at a time.


Community Awareness and Engagement:
Beyond our content creation, we actively work with communities to raise awareness about forest restoration and marine protection.
These initiatives empower local residents to become stewards of their environment and protect ‘Our Heritage; Our Resources.


Collaboration with Government Departments:

Pelagic engages with local government departments to support and enhance their conservation efforts.  We actively work and aim to activate political support and assist in the development of policies that safeguard our coastal ecosystems.




Pelagic Wake is more than just a collection of content; it’s a hub of knowledge, inspiration, and collaboration.  We invite you to explore, learn, and join us in the collective effort to protect and preserve the natural treasures of the Wild Coast.

Surge Beyond, Together