Community Conservation Management

Pelagic Wake is a Non-Profit Company (NPC) developing a holistic model to empower community initiatives and activating a Citizen Science Movement.

Passionate about our communities, passionate about our heritage, we support the preservation of our marine coastlines and sustainable harvesting of natural resources.
Nestled along the captivating Wild Coast of South Africa, we have embarked on a mission that transcends conservation. We believe that the heart of our region beats in the harmony between nature and people, and we’re here to nurture that bond.

Our work is a testament to the power of communities, the significance of local knowledge, and the commitment to preserve the rich tapestry of our coastline. We are Citizen Scientists, Forest Stewards, Marine Guardians, and the champions of ‘Our Heritage; Our Resources.’

Join us on a journey that celebrates the profound beauty of our environment and the strength of the human spirit.

Communities and local environmental enthusiasts take ownership in monitoring and recording data along the Wild Coast, South Africa. They become the guardians of our heritage and our resources,’ ensuring the preservation of our coastal treasures.

Pelagic Wake is actively creating a Citizen Science Movement. A public volunteer group participating in data collection, monitoring and conservation initiatives. We believe that the everyday scientist is critical to solving conservation challenges and pivotal in prevention of environmental decline.

Research projects are customarily undertaken by highly qualified specialists and experts, the contribution of ordinary citizens to scientific projects cannot be underestimated. Science is all around us, nothing can replace constant presence on the ground. Citizen Science contributes to gain insight into community and environmental health. In various cases and with its growing trend over the last few years the practice of Citizen Science has become an important attribute for policy practice and research.

Historically speaking, the concept of Citizen Scientists have been practiced for centuries. From the 1800’s sailors would record tides, currents and weather conditions which aided them in better predictions of ocean navigation and hazards.
Why Pelagic is passionate about Citizen Science
  1. Improving scientific literacy: citizens are increasing their own knowledge and understanding about science.
  2. Ensuring that citizens understand scientific research even better.
  3. Increasing citizen engagement in scientific research and building stronger connections between citizens and scientists.
  4. Tapping into new sources of information, knowledge and perspectives.
  5. Improving openness and reliability of research.
Citizen Scientists are becoming proactive in their environment. It is about discovery, engagement and understanding; we cannot protect what we do not understand. Pelagic Wake believes that, with more boots in the field and eyes on nature we begin a conservation movement in understanding and protecting our environments.
“If citizens are going to live with the benefits or potential consequences of science, it’s incredibly important to make sure that they are not only well informed about changes and advances in science and technology, but that they also are able to influence the science policy decisions that could impact their lives”

We support communities in protecting and mapping their indigenous forests, harvesting natural resources sustainably, workshop the fundamentals of resource management and nurturing marine-based ecosystems.

Through the establishment of local Pelagic Rising Habitats communities gain critical skills and knowledge on protecting and sustainably harvesting these natural resources.

Furthermore, through our partner programmes we support communities in establishing micro-economies; stimulating further opportunities and benefit from local resources.

Our Heritage; Our Resources … Our Future.

Our network of teams is dedicated to monitoring the sustainable harvesting of our natural resources along the Wild Coast, South Africa. With a vigilant eye on the coastline, they ensure the safeguarding of ‘Our Heritage & Our Resources’ from illegal activities.

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Pelagic Wake is more than just a collection of content; it’s a hub of knowledge, inspiration, and collaboration.  We invite you to explore, learn, and join us in the collective effort to protect and preserve the natural treasures of the Wild Coast.

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